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Boterdiep Plaza Mantequilla

This hidden beauty is situated in a former dance school that used to be a church back in the 19th century. The old brick walls surrounding the complex give the Mediterranean-style houses a serene and sunny feel. There are 7 houses within the church walls and a spacious, Mediterranean garden. Once you walk through the gates of “Plaza Mantequilla”, you find yourself in sunny Spain, while you actually are at walking distance of Groningen’s city center square, the “Grote Markt”.

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Boterdiep Wigbold

The former monumental hardwood cutting building from the eighteenth century is transformed into 21 luxurious fully furnished apartments and about 630 m2 of commercial real estate with a large terrace area on the loading dock. All this has been done while emphasising the rich history of the location and building. The Boterdiep is located right in the city centre of Groningen.


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This building from the nineteenth century is transformed into 25 luxurious fully furnished apartments and about 300 m2 of commercial real estate. All this has been done while emphasising the rich history of the location and building. The Damsterdiep is located right in the city centre of Groningen.


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Carolieweg Warehouse

Although the name of the street makes you think otherwise, the Carolieweg used to be a street for men only, named the “Keerelsweg”. This warehouse dating from 1885 is hidden behind the numerous shops and restaurants in the Carolieweg, and is therefore a very quiet space in the heart of Groningen. We developed 4 spacious two-bedroom apartments in this building and decorated it to have that vintage, old warehouse feel!

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Carolieweg Townhouse

Also in the Carolieweg stands this brand new - yet classic looking Townhouse, or “Herenhuis” as we call it. This eye-catcher is situated right in the heart of Groningen, with numerous shops and restaurants within a stone's throw distance. We’ve fully transformed the formerly two separated buildings into one townhouse with 2 commercial spaces and 6 spacious, luxurious and fully furnished one-bedroom apartments.

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This ancient warehouse, or “Pakhuis” we call it, was build in 1750 near the Noorderhaven (harbor). Because the people were way smaller then, the ceilings are quite low, with the thick wooden beams still in sight. The three apartments have an original layout, tiny but effective. You can really feel the character of the old city in this beautifully renovated warehouse, with the city’s center at walking distance!

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This building, dating from 1920, is build in a typical Dutch architecture named the “Amsterdamse school”. During the renovation we added one layer in the same style, which gives the top floor it’s really high ceilings and a spacious feel. The Haddingestraat is a side street of the “Vismarkt”, making this complex the most central of the BED’R Apartments. The building contains 4 high-end, luxurious apartments, fully furnished and well equipped.

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Nieuwe Boteringestraat

One of our favorite BED’R locations is situated between the city’s park, the Noorderplantoen and Groningen’s city center. This complex contains 13 high-end apartments and a lot of (shared and private) outdoor space! Actually none of the apartments in this building are the same which makes it a very fun and interesting BED’R location. We really went the extra mile to restore this building’s facade in it’s original appearance, making it seem like it always looked this way. 

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Situated directly at the Noorderplantsoen lies this old warehouse which we turned into 11 spacious, one-bedroom apartments. Almost all of the apartments have their own outside space, therefore making it a really peaceful and quiet location to live in. Like most of the BED’R Apartments complexes, this building functions completely without the use of gas. We added plenty of solar panels to the roof and the apartments are heated through electrical floor heating. Future proof!

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Another warehouse, the biggest one of the bunch, is situated in the Oosterhaven (harbor) at walking distance of the city center. This warehouse was designed by the Dutch architect P.M.A. Huurman, and build in 1905. During renovation we added two layers to the building and divided the whole into 16 beautiful apartments, of which the penthouses have a magnificent view at the harbor and the city. Also, the new BED’R office is situated here, so if you need us, please come visit! 

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This apartment building, containing 14 apartments, is where it all started with for BED’R. It was once used as a car repair shop called “Nash Automobielen”, which you can still see on the front of the building. The apartments are all spacious and fully furnished, most of them even have a private outdoor space. The building is located near the Noorderplantsoen and is situated in a quiet, friendly neighborhood.  

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Last, but certainly not least, is this three story building in the lively “Ebbingekwartier”. Build in 1911 as the headquarters for the newspaper, it now contains 3 luxurious apartments and an over-the-top roof terrace with outside shower! We really tried to give this one an extra sexy touch, with bathtubs in the bedrooms and custom made cabinet walls.

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W.A. Scholtenstraat

Willem Albert Scholten, after which this street is named, was the first agriculture-industrial in the world. He also contributed a great number of very famous buildings to the city of Groningen, one of which, the Scholtenhuis, played an important role in the liberation of Groningen during WWII. This BED’R apartmentbuilding contains 4 luxurious, 2-bedroom apartments and a BED’R Business office on the ground floor.

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Dirk Huizingastraat

Dirk Huizenga was a professor of physiology and later he became the Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen. Students from the same university have lived in this building for years, and we have now completely renovated the building and transformed it into 9 luxury studios and apartments. These are the smallest of the BED'R apartments, but they are nevertheless fully equipped and very cosy!

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The Kerklaan formely known as the "green lane" dates back to around 1560, when it functioned as the lane through the gardens at the north of Groningen. Later on the function of the road changed into the pathway to the "New Church" located nearby. That's when the road became known as the church lane in Dutch "Kerklaan". This building is located at a great location in Groningen with the city centre, numerous shops, restaurants and the park "Noorderplantsoen" within short walking distance. We’ve fully transformed this buildings into 4 spacious, luxurious and fully furnished apartments.

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S.O.J. Palmelaan

This apartmentcomplex was developed in 1991, designed by architect office Verheijen, Heuer en de Haan. The complex contains 58 apartments in total, 32 of them will be upgraded and transformed into luxurious fully furnished apartments that will become available to tenants in fases. The complex is located in the neighbourhood 'Hoornse Meer' just 100 meters away from the beautiful recreation lake of Groningen.

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In terms of location this is the best we have! This beautiful Jugendstil townhouse, dating from 1910, is located right on the edge of the city’s park Noorderplantsoen. The apartments all have their own unique lay-out and we really made an effort to give the interiors a little extra magic. The beautiful views on the park add even more magic to that. See for yourself!

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13 new apartments d at a beautiful location in the city center of Leeuwarden. The apartments are located on the Willemskade, within walking distance of the center.

The apartments vary in size and layout. All homes are fully equipped and fully furnished! The kitchens are equipped with a spacious fridge and freezer, dishwasher, combi oven, induction hob and extractor hood. The kitchens are also fully equipped with kitchenware. The bathrooms are equipped with a washbasin, design radiator and luxurious rain shower.

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Quality of the services

"I am so amazed from the quality of the services BED'R apartments are giving to their customers. I have rented an apartment for short say and I could say that the BED'R team did everything so well for me to feel like home in my temporary apartment. The whole way starting from the beginning of the rental process until the very end for me to be fully on boarded in my new apartment went so well. I could say the apartments are beautiful and furnished quite nice with a lot of space. The entire BED'R team is great and I could say they are giving EXCELLENT services to their customers.”

Miglena Dobrikova on
Incredible support

"The support got from BED'R Apartments was incredible! I have lost my apartment key and got immediate help to get into home at 09:30 pm. Thank you guys for not leaving me on the streets :)”

Marco Moreno on
High standard

"I stayed at 2 different Bedr Apartments during my stay in Groningen over a 3 month period. The central locations are in close walking distance to everything that central Groningen has to offer. Both apartments were furnished and maintained to a very high standard. The guys made checking in an out very hassle free and all the information regarding the apartments (heating, wifi etc) is easily found within the welcome packs. I will definitely be using Bedr apartments upon my return to Groningen later in the year.”

Johan Nolan on
Beautiful apartments

"We recently moved to Groningen and were lucky enough to find BED'R Apartments. They had 4 brand new apartments that were available right when we were set to arrive. The apartments are beautiful and fully furnished. They also have a lot of space. We lucked out and were able to get the one apartment with two bedrooms. The entire BED'R team is fantastic. They are extremely responsive and any issues we ran into were resolved the same day. They definitely understand customer service and how to make the transition to a new city/country seamless.”

Ryan Hall on
Great service

"Great service! I managed to lock myself out of my house during the weekend and in less than an hour they helped me back in!”

Isabel Yagua on
Very happy

"We always try to rent apartments through BED'R and we always check their availability first when we are looking for apartments. The apartments are beautiful. Great service, always very friendly and helpful. We are renting 5 apartments through BED'R at the moment and we will get more. Very happy with these guys!!”

Kim Nijboer on
Great care for their tenants

"I rented an apartment of BED‘R Apartments to study in Groningen. They care a lot about their tenants. If there are any issues they help immediately. The apartment was very modern and everything seemed of great quality. I would definitely recommend.”

Paula Meisterknecht on
Professionalism, Responsiveness

"A very professional and good service that also provides a quick answer and assistance, even in short notice. I would definitely not only recommend the service, but I would also use this service again.”

Sergio Mendes on
Professionalism, Quality

"In my experience they put the tenants first and provide a great responsive service. Any problems the agent or maintenance team are straight onto the matter within days!”

Dany Amin on
True professionals

"Having moved back to Groningen I was introduced to BED'R through some colleagues. From the initial approach to handing back the keys (10months later) everything about BED'R was easy and professional. I even managed to lock myself out and using the WhatsApp chat one very kind employee came to my rescue. The quality of the apartment was fantastic. No complaints. Slightly more expensive than traditional letting of furnished accommodation, but quality and service outweighs the slightly higher cost.”

Robert Nelson on
Enjoyed my stay

"Herald and Nick do a great job; the apartments are clean and modern They were super helpful and attentive to my requests. Really enjoyed staying in their units and appreciated the excellent service. This from one (me) whom travels a lot.”

Thor Solberg on Google
Super helpful

"Bedr apartments helped me out in the Corona crisis by helping me find an apartment while I was working in the Intensive Care Unit. Super helpful and friendly people. When I emailed I often had an answer within an hour and everything was arranged. The apartment was very luxurious. Fully equipped. Really very happy with it! Thanks Bedr! I can recommend this company to everyone :)”

Charlotte de Meester on Google