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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


The general terms and conditions apply to the conclusion of all the reservations and bookings and all the offers made by BED’R.


Terms and conditions

By booking and staying in the apartments offered by us, you agree to our general terms and conditions as stated below.



The use of this website is subject to the provisions and the terms and conditions as stated below. By using this website, you agree to be legally subject to these terms and conditions. Visiting our website is at your own risk.


Website Use

All the fees stated depend on availability and are subject to change. The prices depend on the number of nights. The minimum number of nights to book is set at two nights. Although we always strive to guarantee the correctness of the data, BED’R cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions and retains the right to adjust/correct information.


Online Bookings

Please consider that other provisions, terms and conditions and cancellation terms apply about all online bookings made directly via BED’R. Please read the accommodation and all the accompanying information before confirming your booking. You are advised to thoroughly check all the information before making your online reservation.



BED’R is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could arise because of the use of the apartment including, without limitation, loss because of fire, theft or criminal behavior. That stated here does not apply insofar as the damage or the loss is due to the intent or gross negligence of BED’R.

BED’R is never liable for damage directly or indirectly caused to whomever or whatever as a direct or indirect result of any defect or any capacity or circumstance, in or on any movable or immovable property of which BED’R is the holder, leaseholder, tenant or owner or is otherwise at the disposal of BED’R.

BED’R is not obliged to receive and/or keep any goods of the guests. BED’R is not liable for any direct or indirect damage applicable to any goods received and/or taken into storage.

BED’R is not obliged to allow any pet of the guest and can attach conditions to this allowance. Pets are not allowed in any of the apartments offered by BED’R.

The guest and those accompanying him are severally and jointly liable for all damage arising for BED’R and/or any third party and/or will arise as direct or indirect result of a default (attributable shortcoming) and/or unlawful act, including the violation of the house rules, committed by the guests and/or those accompanying him, and for all the damage caused by any animal and/or any stop or any good they hold or are supervised by them.



Your reservation is directly or indirectly made via online suppliers via BED’R. By confirming your reservation with BED’R, you enter into a contract for the rental period and agree to our general terms and conditions.



BED’R must make available accommodation to the guest for the agreed period of the quality usual at its apartment.

The apartment must be available to the guest(s) as of 3 p.m. on the day of arrival until 10 a.m. on the day of departure.
The daily check-in time is between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. and the check-out time is until 10 a.m. on the day of departure.
You must leave the apartment behind at the check-out in the same condition as it was upon checking in.
You must comply with the rules for checking in and out. If there is any delay in the clearing out of the apartment after the agreed time, the deposit of € 250, – can be charged to you.

BED’R must apply or submit the house rules in a clearly visible location for the guests, or to make the house rules available to the guest in writing. The guest must comply with the house rules.

BED’R is authorized to terminate the agreement for the stay/making available of the apartment at any time without any notice when the guest(s) repeatedly violate the house rules or otherwise acts in such a manner that the order and rest of the other apartment can be or is disrupted.



All the bookings made via BED’R are subject to the following cancellation terms:
– In the event of a cancellation more than 30 days before the commencement date the guest does not have to make any payment to BED’R .

BED’R is authorized to cancel the agreement with due observance of the following, unless the guest has informed BED’R in writing within seven days of concluding the relevant agreement that it demands that BED’R waives his cancellation authority, provided the guest also thereby states that it also waives its own cancellation authority.

BED’R can change the agreement in an essential point due to serious circumstances as immediately notified by the guest. BED’R can also change the agreement in an essential point for reasons other than due to serious circumstances as immediately notified by the guest. If the guest rejects the above-mentioned change, then BED’R can terminate the agreement.


Guarantee sum and intermediate payment

BED’R can always demand that the guests provide a guarantee sum of no more than the booking value less any intermediate payments made for the benefit of BED’R , or has a guarantee sum provided. The received guarantee is correctly stated in the files and is provided as surety exclusively for the surety of BED’R and are explicitly not regarded as realized turnover.

The guests receives the guarantee sum back if:
– When the guest(s) have not damaged the apartment(s).
– When the guest(s) have not damaged the property.
– If no unnecessary disruption of other guests or residences have been caused by the guest(s).
– When no drugs have been used in or near the site of the apartment by the guest(s).

BED’R can always demand an intermediate payment from the guest if he stays for longer than one (1) month. BED’R can claim the amount paid pursuant to the preceding provisions to pay all that owed by the guest for whatever reason. BED’R must repay the excess immediately to the guest.



The guest is due the price stipulated in the agreement or, insofar as the agreement was concluded more than three months before the time, on which the services must be provided pursuant to the agreement.
The payments are always made in Dutch currency (EURO).
Changes in the VAT-rate are always recharged to the guest.

All the invoices, including invoices regarding cancellation or no-show are payable by the guest and/or guest the moment they are presented to him. The guest must ensure the cash payment unless otherwise has been agreed in writing.

If a payment other than cash has been agreed, then all invoices, regardless of the amount, must be paid by the guest within fourteen days after the date of invoice into the book account of BED’R. If the invoice is sent, BED’R is authorized at any time to invoice a credit limit surcharge of 2% of the invoiced amount, which will lapse if the customer fails the invoice within fourteen days.

In the event of a late payment, the guest is in default without requiring a notice of default. If the guest is and remains in default, BED’R will transfer the collection of the invoiced amount to a debt collection agency.

If the guest remains in default, he must pay BED’R any costs relating to the collection, both judicial and extra-judicial. The extra-judicial collection costs are determined at 15% or more of the main sum due with a minimum of EUR 100 plus the VAT due on this amount.


Lost and found

Any items found by the guest in the premises of BED’R and its surrounding area which were lost or left behind, must be handed over to BED’R as quickly as possible.

BED’R becomes the owner of any object of which the legal owner has not come forward to claim his possession within one year after it was handed in.
If BED’R returns the item left behind by the guest by post, this is done for the account and risk of the guest. BED’R is never complied to send items.


Applicable law and disputes

Any disputes arising between BED’R and a guest (with the exception of natural persons who does not act in the performance of a profession or act on behalf of a company) are exclusively brought before the competent court in place of residence of BED’R , unless a mandatory legal provision states that another court is the competent court and notwithstanding the authority of BED’R to have the matter settled by the court who would have been the competent court in the absence of this provision.

Any claims of the guest are no longer valid after the lapsing of one year of the moment on which they arose.

The nullification of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. If a provision in these general terms and conditions appears invalid for any reason, then the parties are deemed to have agreed a valid replacing provision which is as similar to the nature and intent of the invalid provision as possible. We retain the right to [change?] the general terms and conditions at any time as could be required and to do so in line with the activities of BED’R . By placing your booking at BED’R, you agree to these changes.